“Kill Meal” series are specially designed buccal tablets for blocking the absorption of excess nutrients taken in a deluxe meal. With “Kill Meal”, you can now enjoy a deluxe meal without worrying and regretting eating too much afterwards.

In order to get rid of the oils, starches and desserts taken in each meal, “Kill Meal” series provides “Big Meal” formula for blocking excess nutrients comprehensively, “Kill Hotpot” formula targets oily and starchy food taken while having hotpot and barbecue food. Therefore, you can enjoy delicious food without any worries on different occasions.


Formula that blocks excess nutrients comprehensively

Absorb Oil

Block Starch

Block Dessert

Suggested Usage: Take a whole pack before a meal or within 45 minutes after a meal for achieving the best effect


Formula that blocks starch and absorbs oil quickly

Absorb Oil

Block Starch

Suggested Usage: Take a whole pack before a meal or within 45 minutes after a meal for achieving the best effect

Q1. Is “Kill Meal” a detox pill or weight loss pill?

A1. “Kill Meal” is neither a weight loss pill nor detox pill. It does not contain ingredient for weight loss and colon cleansing. A pack of “Kill Meal” can effectively block oily and starchy food as well as desserts taken in a feast, so that you can enjoy delicious food without any worries.

Q2. Why should I take “Kill Meal”?

A2. Try “Kill Meal” if you want to enjoy a deluxe meal but are worried about excessive calories taken. With “Kill Meal”, you will never regret how much you ate.

Q3. Can I use “Big Meal” after having hotpot or Korean BBQ?

A3. Yes. “Big Meal” is a comprehensive choice for blocking excess nutrients in a meal but we would recommend “Kill Hotpot” or as it can block oil and starch from hotpot or Korean BBQ more effectively.

Q4. How to take “Kill Meal”? When to take it to achieve the best effect?

A4. Take “Kill Meal” before a meal or within 45 minutes after a meal to achieve the best effect. You may take the whole pack that contains 3 tablets at a time, or take them one by one.

Q5. Can I take a double dose if necessary?

A5. It is not necessary. One pack of “Kill Meal” is capable to block excess nutrients in a meal and it is not necessary to take a double dose. If you are traveling or having 3 sumptuous meals, you can take “Kill Meal” in each meal.

Q6. Can “Kill Meal” be chewed and taken?

A6. “Kill Meal” can be taken by swallow, chew, prior melted in mouth but we would recommend to melt the whole tablet completely, so that it can be quickly aborted by the sublingual blood vessels to accelerate the blocking effect.

Q7. Do I need to take “Kill Meal” in long term?

A7. There is no special need to take “Kill Meal’ in long term. However, you may take it in every meal in short term, such as when traveling or having three sumptuous meals.

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